Our Maintenance Program includes:

  • Safety First Guaranteed
  • Passenger Ride Optimization
  • Monthly Maintenance Service
  • Professional Service Mechanics
  • Routine Maintenance Logs
  • Optional Remote Cloud Monitoring

We've created "InVue", our maintenance standard. It's our 24/7, real-time monitoring system for virtually every part that we install. This means we not only perform every function required for code compliance, we also engineer problem prevention through early alert systems. We set up our computers to continuously monitor your elevators' performance. If any facility indicates two or more shut-downs or call-backs, this triggers immediate supervisory attention. A "Critical Report" highlights any facility with repetitive problems. This automated status review provides a fail safe system to identify occasional technical problems before they become chronic or major. As a result, the buildings we serve typically enjoy the highest levels of tenant satisfaction. And to date, we've achieved a 100 percent performance ratio, which refers to an identical number of visits scheduled versus visits performed. Keeping to our word of being the best vertical transportation server around.


Nouveau priortizes personal contribution to each and every client. We are #1 in Service and Maintenance in NYC

Mandated Management Meetings

Regularly scheduled overseeing service, maintenance, modernization or repair schedules

Extensive Mechanic Coverage

Eight mechanics on call in Manhattan, three mechanics in Brooklyn and Queens, two mechanics in Long Island and two mechanics in New Jersey for after hours

We have the Best Maintenance Program in the Greater Tristate Area. If you would like to learn more, just contact us and we'll be with you straight away!