At Nouveau Elevator, we are experts at modernizing any century vertical transportation unit to state of the art equipment to suit your various wants and needs. We conduct rigorous studies from traffic analysis to passenger inquiries in order to optimize a building's vertical transportation specifications. After reviewing our results, we conduct component breakdowns for each piece of equipment to provide all available modernization options varying from replacing equipment, upgrading machinery or installing new software. Then we respond with state of the art, solid state equipment improvements to create peak performance capable of creating a long lasting product for the building. And by working in phases in each vertical transportation modernization, we are capable of handling heavy traffic during the day by scheduling operations appropriately in order to continue day to day operations at the location.

Employees are our #1 Asset

Given our structure our employees are treated like family and devoted to making ALL of our clients happy 24x7x365 days a year... lowest attrition rate in the industry!

We'll deck out your Cab

We can furnish and decorate a variety of different Cab designs to for your building's needs. Check out some here!


Nouveau Elevator is the largest provider of non-proprietary equipment, BUT we handle all proprietary/OEMs as well, as needed.

We have the Best Modernization Teams Available in the Greater Tristate Area. If you would like to learn more, just contact us and we'll be with you straight away!