At Nouveau our repairs are predominantly planned, not emergencies. And to date, we've achieved a 100% performance ratio, which refers to an identical number of visits scheduled versus visits performed. Every elevator in our care recieves routine preventative maintenance systematically. Critical operating functions related to motion control and door operations are precisely calculated and customized for each system. We believe in replacing parts before they are needed, not because they are needed.

Equally important are keeping other traffic flows in check to ensure our professional and skilled mechanics are capable of repairing any component of a vertical or horizontal transportation system without causing traffic jams. Because throughout the years, we have honed our repair team to expedite traffic emergencies to an art form whereby relinquishing the demand from one elevator to another. That is why at Nouveau Elevator we have had the opportunity of repairing virtually every piece of equipment from every manufacturer from elevators, escalators and more reviving transportation systems from near destroyed to perfectly working condition ready to fulfill the necessary needs of a given premise. And it is because of Nouveau Elevator's expertise and wide variety of experience which allows us to handle any type of era machine for us to apply our unique solutions to simple or complex problems.

We have the Best Repair Department in the Greater Tristate Area. If you would like to learn more, just contact us and we'll be with you straight away!