About Our Standards

Why We Are Better

At Nouveau, we care more about your vertical transportation platform. Our unique structure provides unique access to our clients. It allows us to be on-site almost immediately, and without any of the red-tape or time-consuming processes that come with other providers. No job is too big nor too small for our team. We are a dedicated family owned business, who ensures that ALL of our clients are serviced accordingly, and none of our clients are ever lost within the shuffle. At Nouveau, you get direct access to a live service professional 24/7, who is local and who knows your specific building. Additionally we provide direct access to Nouveau ownership, which is unmatchable in the marketplace. Our unique structure provides a personal touch with continuity and reliability within an ever changing industry.

Our size and scale enables us to provide our clients with access to each and every manufacturer in the industry. Additionally, our extensive 70,000 sq. foot local inventory of every part imaginable provides you with what you need immediately, which often times can take months with others. Furthermore, Nouveau is always ahead of the market on the technology front. Our sophistication in monitoring, troubleshooting, testing and upgrading your vertical transportation platform to meet the ever changing needs of your passengers, provides a level of differentiation that is indicative why Nouveau is the #1 provider in the tri-state. In the end, our family-instilled commitment is to serve each of our building's vertical and horizontal transportation needs better than any other company, in order to ensure that your people can always get to where they need to be, safely, timely and hassle-free.