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“Through our partnership with businesses, residents, and communities, we commit to continuously improve the safety and efficiency of our vertical and horizontal transportation systems.”
Who we are

With over 37 years of experience, 950+ employees, and more than 10,000+ elevators in our care, Nouveau is one of the largest independent vertical transportation servicing organization in the nation. As a family-owned and managed business, we specialize in high-demand, high-traffic areas. From airports to landmarks to hospitals, we have clients in nearly every type of building imaginable throughout the United States.

What We do

Nouveau does it all. Essential elevator maintenance and repairs, of course. We also specialize in full Installations, replacements, and state of the art modernizations. On top of that, we have an entire code and testing department dedicated to ensuring your building is compliant with all code requirements. We also launched a specialized escalator group that manufactures, installs, and maintains Nouveau packaged equipment with non-proprietary components. Overall, our job is to provide you with improved performance, reliability, code compliance, peace of mind, and, most importantly, safety.

Why we stand out

With Nouveau, our unique structure provides a level of service that is unmatched in the marketplace. When you call us, you get 24/7 direct access to a live professional who knows your specific building. And, unlike other providers, we can be on-site almost immediately, without any red-tape or time-consuming processes.

Don’t want to wait months for parts? Our 70,000 square foot inventory contains every part imaginable, ready for you instantly. And our size and scale enable us to provide our clients with easy access to every manufacturer in the industry.

When it comes to technology, Nouveau is always ahead of the curve. We are continuously monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrading your vertical transportation platform to meet the ever-changing needs of your passengers.

Our family-instilled commitment is to serve each of our building’s vertical and horizontal transportation needs better than any other company. Nouveau promises to get your people where they need to be, safely, timely, and hassle-free.

Trade Associations

Retail Partners

Nouveau has a Retail Team which focuses on Retail stores specifically due to their high demand and the high traffic that these units face. Some of the Retailers we maintain area

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